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Pull up a chair and grab your favorite mug of tea, and join me in these featured podcasts! I dive into my journey as a Shamanic Medicine Woman, and how I began walking this path, and the knowledge found there. Laugh along as I share insight and aha's, and tips to support your health and wellness.


Podcast Episode Links:

Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, An Episode of the Creative Intuitive, Part I -The first in a series of podcasts I will be featured in, hosted by Elise Skibik, Creative Intuitive. In this episode we dive into my journey, how I became a healer, what skills I came into this world with, and what helped me discover my true path.



Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Lyme & Herbalism Part I - We dive into Lyme disease and mypersonal experience with being diagnosed. We talk about prevention, how to remove a tick, some history, and resources. There was so much to fit in this is only Part I of a series on Lyme Disease. 

Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Halloween Special! - Halloween lore, history and informative ways to tap into the energy of Samhain, All Saints Day, Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween! This is the time when the veil is the thinnest! Enjoy this special Halloween episode! We talk old and new Halloween traditions crystals, personal experiences and more... 


Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Lyme Part II- This is part 2 of our series on Lyme. This episode we recap from Part I and revisit some of the importance of prevention and tick removal. This episode is all about the symptoms and the effects that co-infections can have on the different body systems. Symptoms of Lyme and its co-infections can vary greatly, as there are so many that can present, I share all the symptoms I personally experienced, along with how it affected my body systems. Stay tuned for Part III where we dive deeper into how to support the systems with diet and lifestyle.

Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Lyme Part III- We're back for part 3 of our series on Lyme Disease and its coinfections. In this episode I recap from Part II and dive into some of the ways in which you can support your body during the healing process. We discuss diet and lifestyle changes to best support healing from these challenging infections, talk about supporting various body systems herbally, and explain the importance of identifying or finding those who can be emotionally supportive during this journey. Stay tuned for Part IV where we dive deeper into how to support the systems with herbs, and much more!

Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Lyme Part IV- Join us for part 4 of the series on Lyme and its coinfections! We recap part 3, and dive into herbal energetics across different branches of herbalism, lifestyle support, essential oils for emotional support, and so much more!!! We continue to dive down the rabbit hole of this very complex subject, and bring you insight and aha's to help along your healing journey.

Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Lyme Part V-  In part 5 of this series on Lyme and its coinfections, we highlight some of the topics in each of the first 4 episodes, and cover foods and nutrients to replenish and support your body through this incredibly challenging group of illnesses. I discuss the many herbs considered to be the foundation for the core protocol for a well rounded approach to addressing the infections, and supporting and protecting the various organ systems impacted by the microorganisms that cause these illnesses. 

While we have reached the end of the Lyme Podcast series, we welcome your questions! We will do a Q & A followup podcast for any questions you would like me to answer on this topic. Please send your questions to us! You can also leave a voice comment on the podcast in the Anchor platform.


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